The Architect's Wife
           From the Spanish of Antonio Trueba

Antonio Trueba,who is still alive, was born on Christmas Eve, 1821,at Sopuerta,in Spain.As in the case of Burns,his father was a peasant,and Antonio, as a child, played in the gutters with the other village urchins, or worked with his father in the fields.But at fifteen ,one of his relations, kept a shop at Madrid, made him his assistant.By day he waited on the customers; by night he studied in his room.
Genius like that of Burns and of Tryeba cannot be kept down.Like Burns, the boy began to put forth songs, strong, sweet, and simple,which stirred the people's hearts like music, and soon were hummed in every village street.His fame spread ;it reached the Court ; and Queen Isabella bestowed upon him the lofty title of Queen's poet.He wrote also ,and still writes, prose stories of all kinds, but mostly such as,like the following, belong to the romance of history,and are rather truth than fiction.

アントニオ・トルエバ(Antonio Trueba)
(バーンズ(Robert Burns)18世紀のスコットランドの国民詩人)
(訳 清水 健)

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